Returns the IP address of manager inside the management network.


Returns the blueprints root url in the file server.


Returns the manager file server base url.


Returns the port the manager REST service is running on.

cloudify.utils.id_generator(size=6, chars='ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789')[source]

Generate and return a random string using upper case letters and digits.

class cloudify.utils.LocalCommandRunner(logger=None, host='localhost')[source]

Bases: object

run(command, exit_on_failure=True, stdout_pipe=True, stderr_pipe=True, cwd=None, execution_env=None)[source]

Runs local commands.

  • command – The command to execute.
  • exit_on_failure – False to ignore failures.
  • stdout_pipe – False to not pipe the standard output.
  • stderr_pipe – False to not pipe the standard error.
  • cwd – the working directory the command will run from.
  • execution_env – dictionary of environment variables that will be present in the command scope.

A wrapper object for all valuable info from the execution.

Return type:


class cloudify.utils.CommandExecutionResponse(command, std_out, std_err, return_code)[source]

Bases: object

Wrapper object for info returned when running commands.

  • command – The command that was executed.
  • std_out – The output from the execution.
  • std_err – The error message from the execution.
  • return_code – The return code from the execution.
cloudify.utils.setup_default_logger(logger_name, logger_level=20, handlers=None, remove_existing_handlers=True, logger_format=None, propagate=True)
  • logger_name – Name of the logger.
  • logger_level – Level for the logger (not for specific handler).
  • handlers – An optional list of handlers (formatter will be overridden); If None, only a StreamHandler for sys.stdout will be used.
  • remove_existing_handlers – Determines whether to remove existing handlers before adding new ones
  • logger_format – the format this logger will have.
  • propagate – propagate the message the parent logger.

A logger instance.

Return type:


class cloudify.utils.Internal[source]

Bases: object

static get_install_method(properties)[source]
static get_broker_ssl_and_port(ssl_enabled, cert_path)[source]
static get_broker_credentials(cloudify_agent)[source]

Get broker credentials or their defaults if not set.