exception cloudify.exceptions.NonRecoverableError[source]

Bases: exceptions.Exception

An error raised by plugins to denote that no retry should be attempted by by the executing workflow engine.

exception cloudify.exceptions.RecoverableError(message=None, retry_after=None)[source]

Bases: exceptions.Exception

An error raised by plugins to explicitly denote that this is a recoverable error (note that this is the default behavior). It is possible specifying how many seconds should pass before a retry is attempted thus overriding the bootstrap context configuration parameter: cloudify.workflows.retry_interval

Parameters:retry_after – How many seconds should the workflow engine wait before re-executing the task the raised this exception. (only applies when the workflow engine decides that this task should be retried)
exception cloudify.exceptions.OperationRetry(message=None, retry_after=None)[source]

Bases: cloudify.exceptions.RecoverableError

An error raised internally when an operation uses the ctx.operation.retry API for specifying that an operation should be retried.

exception cloudify.exceptions.HttpException(url, code, message)[source]

Bases: cloudify.exceptions.NonRecoverableError

Wraps HTTP based exceptions that may be raised.

  • url – The url the request was made to.
  • code – The response status code.
  • message – The underlying reason for the error.
exception cloudify.exceptions.CommandExecutionError(command, error=None)[source]

Bases: exceptions.RuntimeError

Indicates a command failed to execute. note that this is different than the CommandExecutionException in that in this case, the command execution did not even start, and therefore there is not return code or stdout output.

  • command – The command executed
  • error – the error preventing the command from executing
exception cloudify.exceptions.CommandExecutionException(command, error, output, code)[source]

Bases: exceptions.Exception

Indicates a command was executed, however some sort of error happened, resulting in a non-zero return value of the process.

  • command – The command executed
  • code – process exit code
  • error – process stderr output
  • output – process stdout output
exception cloudify.exceptions.TimeoutException(*args)[source]

Bases: exceptions.Exception

Indicates some kind of timeout happened.

exception cloudify.exceptions.ProcessExecutionError(message, error_type=None, traceback=None)[source]

Bases: exceptions.RuntimeError

Raised by the workflow engine when workflow execution fails.